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ten year old girl who died fire. happen every day th a somber gathering of friends, family, neighbors
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tonight to remember a 10-year- old girl who died in a fire. it should happen every day. >> the bay area voters are not surprised about a ferry and pleasure boat colliding. and new details are emerging in the murder case involving theolympic star's girlfriend. good evening i'm ann notarangelo. new at 10:00. friends and family gather tonight to remember a 10-year- old girl killed in a fire just after midnight yesterday. flames ripped through her apartment. by the time fire crews got to the scene, they could not save her who was trapped on the second floor. >> every single youngster out here be grateful. every parent love your child. know how important they are. speak something over them as they will give them a signal of
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love and appreciation. >> it appears to be accidental, but they're not sure how it started. investigators are trying to figure out who is at fault with a crash that happened. those in the voting community are not really surprised by the crash. >> reporter: the ferries are rubbing again after an accident that left a lot of people wondering. >> how did had happen? >> investigators are still trying to figure it out after their motor boat collided with the ferry on saturday afternoon. >> we have some initial things that are coming in, but we cannot release anything official until the investigation is complete. >> reporter: but on the shorts where the ferry departed ten minutes before the collision, safety is in question. >> why are all these rowers
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there. thinking about what they are thinking. >> they said they are surprised this sort of thing does not happen often. >> it should happen every day. >> think thinks both votes might be -- he thinks there might be both votes that are to blame. >> some people could see that big boat coming. >> reporter: they think everyone needs to slow down. >> you've got to be careful about big boats and the ferry is regular scheduled. most people should be aware of that. >> we do sit down as we need to look at regulations. if we can tighten the ferry on anything. >> reporter: there are passengers that don't seem concerned. >> it's really quite unusual and they're going to find that yeah it really was a good reason for it. >> reporter: in south soledo, kpix 5.
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environments are asking obama to reject the keystone oil pipeline carrying oil from canada to texas. they worry about the oil spills, claiming the distraction of the oil from tar fans will be generating more reactions. >> this is putting a face on the public support for clean energy and opposition to the dirty keystone xl pipeline. >> about 40 demonstrators will be going to a similar protest in washington, d.c. the president said earlier this year he would push that pipeline through, but sounded more cautious in his state of the union address last week. a warning tonight about an explosion in door-to-door sales men in the south bay. neighbors said they had 80
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calls about the unwanted magazine sales since january. they are from out of state and are required to get permits. there's been a recent rash of burglaries in this city, but they have new evidence that they are linked. and no love to people in an upscale peninsula neighborhood on valentine's day. two homes were hit within hours of each other in hillsboro on thursday. thieves broke into one home through the front door and an unlocked window at the other house a short time later. police are asking people to be vigilant and call them if they see anything suspicious in the morning. the excessive absences by bart workers are costing the agency in overtime each year. they found that one out of eightbart employees call in average. right now bart is looking to close a $6 billion funding gap through fare and parking fee hikes.
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a plan to build new hangers for the private jets at their airport are getting complicated. city leaders may meet next week, but one of the companies whose bid was corrected for the contest are calling foul. saying they could claim more revenue than the $3 million projected by the winning bidder. a day of remembrance of the wartime exclusion of thejapanese-americans from the west coast. this year's day of remembrance is dedicated to the memory of the man who was the longest service japanese-american in service. the blade runner's agent said that his career is on hold. the 26-year-old will not run any races while his legal battle unfolds. the cbs reporter with how
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police believe the girlfriend tried to get away when the shooting started. >> reporter: lawyers for oscar met with him for his second day at the police station where he is being held. why details of what happened to the track star's home begin to emerge. they learned that his girlfriend slept in the same bed and was in her nightgown in the bedroom when she was first shot. she ran to the bathroom, locking herself inside where she was shot in the he, hand, and arm. and the story is that he carried his dying girlfriend down the stairs. he was trying to revive her. he told his sister he thought his girlfriend was a burglar. given a sworn statement to police. his father told a reporter for britain's telegraph newspaper that his son acted out of instinct. >> he said it's no doubt at
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it was true. >> they dismissed that intruder from the start. and they reportedly found a bloody bat inside. whether it was used as a weapon is still unclear. billboards of south africa's golden boy are coming down. all his races have been canceled so he can focus on his defense. at a church, they prayed. and for oscar on suicide watch until his next court hearing that same day. cbs news, london. at the vatican there were larger than usual crowds to receive pope sunday's blessing at st. peters square. they know it'll be one of his last services before retiring next month. >> reporter: pope benedict xvi
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treated it as business as usual. but usual days don't draw crowds like this. an estimated 50,000 faithfuls at st. peters square. his recent service was in spanish. asking the crowd to pray for the next pope. in italian, he understands the difficulty of the decision. >> reporter: do we want to follow the eye? or god, yeah? the individual interest for that is really good. from street level, the pope was the near white speck and the voice. >> we came to see the pope because we know since he's leaving this will be one of his last public appearances. so we felt that we should be here to witness it. >> we knew that sunday would be an opportune time. one of the last few times to see him as pope. >> reporter: the expectation is that there will be a new pope in time for easter.
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but that assumed with the -- but that they assumed with that to happen. >> now listen for a couple of years, don't invite me anywhere. i will stay here and try to rebuild that general organization of the church. >> a manager? >> yes. or a manager. >> reporter: and his successor will need to make his mark where bringing order to the religious view of chaos. cbs news, rome. it's tax season and the crooks are out to get you. what you need to do to keep from getting taken at the cleaner. >> a those enjoying a free shot of whiskey. what they decided not toot with their popular recipe. the testing of the brand new lights on the bay bridge. see them there? look at how pretty it is.
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we're going to test you ask you if you know where your umbrella is. you'll need it next week as we will pinpoint the day and the news arrives right here on the cw. ,,,,,,,,,,
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battling a rising tide of ie tax fraud cases linked to identity-theft. a sweep last month netted 109- arrests --- and nearly 200 indictments for a crime that could cost the country an estimat 21- billion-dollars. cbs reporter seth doane talked one businessman who had his refund stolen. nearly 200 indictments costing the country about $21 million. we talked to a businessman who had his tax refund stolen. >> reporter: in 2011 the businessman joe bianco waited
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patiently for a $10,000 tax refund. when he contacted the irs, they said it was paid. >> somebody had filed where they forged a w-2 from wal-mart and claimed a refund, got the refund using my name and social security number. >> reporter: in the past 12 months the irs confirmed that 770,000 cases of refund fraud due to identity theft. up to 50,000 cases the year before. thousands of more are still under investigation. >> reporter: adam levin is the chairman of the identity theft 911. a recovery service for victims. he said that the crime wave is a result of a faster digital irs. >> unfortunately as that process has evolved, security has been compromised. >> reporter: the irs has doubled the number of the i.d. theft caseworkers to 3,000 in 2012. they cracked down on 2,400 cases involving the phony tax
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preparers, as well as ordinary employees with access to social security numbers, including the bank tellers, hospital workers, even members of the armed services. >> and what have you learned about this identity theft? >> it must be awfully easy. and that it is a lot like crossing a busy street. >> what do you mean? >> somebody will get hit. let's hope it's not you. >> reporter: he finally received his refund 90 days after reporting it missing. he says vigilance with personal info is key, but perhaps the agency's best advice is to file early before someone else files for you. cbs news, new york. and it's a slap heard around the aviation world with a lot of people talking. the man is now facing federal charges after slapping a toddler on a flight. his parents are now speaking out. >> twinkle twinkle?
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>> twinkle, twinkle. >> reporter: jonas bennett is a smart and smiley19-month-old. it's what happened on a flight that has them doing anything, but smiling. >> he said what he said. and that is disgusting. >> reporter: jessica bennett and her son were flying to atlanta and sat next to this man of idaho. >> he was just being rude and belligerent and i felt very unconfidentable. >> reporter: he reeked of alcohol and continued to drink on board. but as the plane began to descend, jonas got fussy and the flight was getting worse. >> i had trouble comforting him. that's when the guy had made his comment to me. >> reporter: as court documents state, this is when he allegedly told jessica to shut that n word baby up. but it did not end there. using the racial slur a second time and allegedly slapped jona hitting him in the eye. >> i could not believe that he would say something like that.
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and to a baby or about a baby and then to hit him was just, you know, i felt like i was in another world. >> reporter: jessica says other passengers eventually came to her aide where the two were given a new seat. while he is back to being a curious toddler, they call his action heinous and hateful and wants something to be done. >> all the evidence is sufficient enough to support what we're saying. you know, i think that we hope he is punished as much as he possibly can be. >> reporter: it's an experience that the bennetts never want to go through again. one that this family will think about the next time they fly. >> i think i will be replaying it the whole time. very traumatic. >> and he is now out of a job where his employer says his behavior is o offensive and disturb -- is offensive and disturbing. he's no longer employed with the company. the lunar new year got off to a healthy start this morning for the annual 10k run through
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china town. and even through some of their most historic districts that began here, ending up through north beach and the financial district. as they serve hundreds of families. >> roberta is joining us right now. good thing they had a run today. >> we could call it a run. i participated in the past and it's a race. people get to the finish line as they really want to finish first. it's for a great cause and what a great day to run. we had idealistic weather and tonight we're tumbling very quickly with the clear skies. 45 degrees at livermore. what do you see behind there? >> the beautiful bay bridge lights. that's spectacular. san jose 48 degrees. after a high temperature well into the 60s. 3 degrees above normal for this time of the year where we should be about 60 in san jose.
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and san francisco with a couple degrees cooler than yesterday. approaching 70 at fairfield. it was 70 at kentfield. now tonight bottoming out for santa rosa to 40 degrees. interrupting the rose garden district of santa clara and 45 degrees in oakland and redwood city and the winds are slight at this hour, which means we'll start to see the development of some areas of the patchy fog. and for your holiday, waking up on the grayer side and then remaining partly to mostly cloudy as you will be feeling the difference with the temperatures. your extended forecast is called for a weather pattern change. and it is going to certainly be unsettled. first off the area of low pressure to the north of us. in throughout the pacific northwest. what they are doing is a very important role. carving the path for the series of the troughs behind them. it is eroding the bridge of high pressure, kicking it out to the east where it is going to open up the storm door. and according to our future cast, we will have rain arriving here by tuesday
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morning's commute. here is your wednesday night. you'll tartest see the first bit of rainfall around the coastline there. and this must have dumped about an inch and a half for you for the bay area. and then by nightfall. we'll start to see a little snowfall with the highest elevations right here in the bay area, which means three to six inches of snow and the high spots of the greater lake tahoe area, basically talking about 7,000 feet and above and some very windy conditions as well. tomorrow our daytime highs under 60 degrees everywhere, so yes it will be cooler and you can blame it on that robust sea breeze out of the west, 10 to 20 miles per hour. here is the extended forecast once we do get rid of the rain and the threat of thunderstorms containing small hail on tuesday. we have a chance of a lingering shower on wednesday and then again yet another trough on
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thursday. friday remains unsettled. saturday the possibility of more rain. but all in all your president's day will be dry. i'll be at cooler under 60 degrees everywhere. boy, we will feel that difference. >> and for the three-day weekend? that's all right. if you get a day off, enjoy. well, a backlash from customers who prompted the producer of makers mark who are doing it about faith. they are reversing their decision to reduce the amount of alcohol in their famous whiskey. last week makers, they said it was a lowering contest here for 84 proof because of the supply shortage. the brand with their square bottle struggling lately to keep up with the demand. but today they spoke as we listened. well, the massive tomato fight outbreak will be breaking out in south america. and what tickled the funny bone. hundreds of people making them laugh out loud all at once. ,,,,,,,,
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she was found dead on the f porch of her hou the country singer has died. she was found dead on the front porch of her house this afternoon in arkansas. and the coroner said that it was a suicide. her 1996 song do it all the time went to number one. in recent years a number of the personal and mental healthproblems sided her career. the report saying that she was disupon dent since the father of her younger child committed suicide last month. she was 37. bruce willis' return to the top of the box office with his latest installment of the action series die hard. >> welcome to moscow. >> a good day for die hard to earn $25 million. and the movie becomes 25 years after the original die hard and six years after the 4th sequel, "live free, die hard." "identity thieves" fell to
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second place. "safe haven" fell to number three. they say laughter is the best medicine putting it to the test. they are using laughter yoga therapy to combat the stress of life including the uncertainties here of the political future. combining the laughter here of the elements of yoga breathing. the humorous therapy is as effective as the widely used anti-psychotic drugs. all to manage stress. okay doesn't that look fun? they were flying in chile as thousands took part in the annual war of the tomatoes this weekend. inspired by the same tomato festival in spain. more than 80,000 pounds of the fruit were hurled into the air. they supply the ammo for the event with the purpose of raising their local crop and
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their national profile. >> somehow i want ketchup and fries. >> we've got david lee and the all-star break. danica patrick making history. the minute is next. at embassy suites, you get more delicious moreness every morning
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all stars, but only lee got call making him the first gn state pl l star warrior fans probably wanted david lee and steph curry to be all star, but lee got the call. getting into the first golden state player to play in the all- star game since 1997. lee introduced. first warrior to play in this game. remember him? 13 minutes, 6 points in the game. in the meantime kevin durant goes in for the huge dunk.
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he had 26. off the turnover. f and the west winds over the east. 143-138. mike montgomery shoving his star player. that must have solidified it there and because he just got hot. hit from everywhere. watch how he backs down from 12 against usc. the bears will win it 76-58 as they win 5-6. they open up the final. he took care of tommy. and to win his third straight open title and in front of the boyfriend. danica patrick won the poll for next weekend's daytona 500 the first time that a woman has pulled off that there. >> loving that. >> good for her. >> she's just showing off. >> yeah. that's it for us f . we'll see
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